General Motors Europe

1999 – 2004 : G M wanted to reorganize their used car business. Cars coming from short term rentals (e.g. Avis) arrive at the Opel dealerships as used cars.

G M sells new cars to the rental companies based on the volume of used cars sold by the dealerships. Under this system a dealership orders a second hand car before the new car is built.

• As a first phase we developed a MS Access Database that allowed for planning, ordering, invoicing and budgeting of these used cars in Belgium. Due to the success of this approach, the project was upgraded using the internet and expanded from Belgium to Europe.

• We managed the back office SQL database and did the daily parametrisation of the application in pre and production environments. We handled, for example, the transition to the Euro. Client Relations with Opel dealerships was also our responsibility and we participated in the definition of the use cases needed to expand the application to European level.

G M won the Trends e-award in 2002 with this project.

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